The San Antonio Local Plan recommends that area broadcast stations and cable systems program their EAS Decoders to activate and relay the following Event Codes.

The following four event codes will originate from the New Braunfels office of the National Weather Service.

FFW = Flash Flood Warning
FLW = Flood Warning
SVR = Severe Thunderstorm Warning
TOR = Tornado Warning

The following eight event codes will be issued at the discretion of city or county emergency management personnel.

CEM = Civil Emergency Message
Civil Disturbances, Public Health Emergencies, Terrorist Attacks
EVI = Evacuation Immediate
A Widespread and/or Immediate Evacuation
FRW = Fire Warning
A Widespread or Large Wild Fire
HMW = Hazardous Material Warning
A Situation Involving Hazardous Materials that are NOT Radioactive
LAE = Local Area Emergency
A Widespread Power Outage
RHW = Radiological Hazard Warning
A Situation Involving Radioactive Materials
SPW = Shelter in Place Warning
A Situation Where Emergency Management Determines That It Is Safer For The Public To Remain Inside Instead Of Conducting An Evacuation
TOE = 911 Telephone Outage Emergency
Failure of the 911 System

The following event code will be issued at the discretion of authorized law enforcement personnel.
CAE = Child Abduction Emergency
To Be Utilized during Amber Alerts